I’m Barry Morris and I’ve been writing all of my life.

I started as a child entertainer, a ventriloquist. I traveled throughout the Midwest performing original material I both wrote and performed with my partner, Tommy Wood. This was more than a hobby. I earned enough to pay for six years of college including a Master of Arts degree in Communications.

Today Tommy resides at Vent Haven, the world’s only museum dedicated to ventriloquism.

Even in the military my writing skills were honed. In the US Army I started and was editor of a post newspaper for a small outpost in Turkey.  I wrote a successful grant application for funds to build a landline radio station for that isolated post.

After military service my focus shifted to television as a writer, reporter, and daytime program host for the NBC television affiliate in Kansas City. While there I created the national award winning series, Made in Kansas City and interviewed scores of newsmakers and celebrities.

Then the corporate television bug bit me. I wrote and produced specialized television programs on site for the medical industry. The principal product was a meeting-based newscast for medical specialty conventions.  Clients included the American Diabetes Association, the American College of Surgeons, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and more than a dozen other high-profile medical specialty associations.

Now I offer my expertise to you. Let me help you tell your story and effectively communicate with your target audiences.

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