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Flying With Kids – 5 Things You Need to Know

The holiday season is here. For many, that means traveling during the busiest time of the year. It can be a stressful time for all, especially families with children. For some parents, it’s a time to dread. For children who are first time fliers – and even experienced kids – it can be a time [...]

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Six Simple Tips for Surviving a Long Flight

You’re set for that long-awaited dream vacation. But if that trip involves a long flight, say to London or maybe to Tokyo, you’re already dreading the time you’ll be confined in the aircraft. Depending on your destination a flight to Europe could take nine hours or more. Going to Asia, plan on twelve plus hours. [...]

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Here’s Everything You Should Know About Luggage Tags

When packing for a trip you probably give a lot of thought to what you put in your bag but do you think about what’s on it? Airlines require that you have a luggage tag on every checked bag.  If your bag gets misrouted the ID gives you a better chance of retrieving it down [...]

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Safety First – Don’t Advertise Your Vacation

Love the vacation pictures you’re posting. Thanks for telling me when you’re coming home. signed Your friend, the home burglar. I’m always amazed how many people delight in posting their travel pictures online with details about their travel. Sure, I love to see travel pictures, but so do others including a new class of criminals [...]

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5 Things You Should Always Do After Boarding a Plane

After battling traffic, crowds at the airport, and the tedious process of boarding the plane all you really want to do is sit down and relax… as relaxed as you can be in the cramped quarters of an airplane. But before you do there are some critical tasks you should take care of. Sanitize Your [...]

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5 Ways to Keep Your Money Safe While Traveling

It’s probably not a constant worry but somewhere in the back your mind you have most likely worried about loosing your money while on vacation. It can happen. A sneaky restaurant server can easily make off with your credit card number.  An intruder could get into your hotel room and steal anything not bolted down. [...]

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You Got a Ticket for What in Hawaii? A Law You Need to Know About

It’s something a tourist wouldn’t ordinarily be concerned about but if you’re headed for Honolulu this fall here’s something you should know.  It’s possible you could get a ticket for just crossing a street.  Well, crossing the street with a cell phone in your hand. The city council in Honolulu passed the new law last [...]

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How to Avoid Problems Traveling With Prescription Drugs

You try to look calm, but that’s hard. You’ve just arrived in a country you’ve never visited before but here you are, at a security counter, and customs officers are having an animated talk while pointing toward your open suitcase. What have you done? What’s in that bag? An officer with a stern expression asks [...]

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Should You Throw Away Your Boarding Pass?

You’ve boarded your flight. You’ve buckled your seat belt. And oh yes, you ditch that used boarding pass in the seat pocket in front of you. After all, you’re on the flight. There’s no need to keep that document. Or is there? For the past couple of years stories have circulated about all of the [...]

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Why use a travel agent?

That seems a fair question, especially if you’re comfortable using a computer. The Internet is saturated with online travel sites promising great bargains. So for many people an online travel site is the logical way to shop for the best deal. But is it? Before hitting the “Buy Now” button you should consider the advantages [...]

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