Not yet, at least not everywhere. But soon digging out food in your carry on could be the norm. When, and if that happens, it will be another obstacle to endure when passing through TSA checkpoints.

In fact, according to an article in the Washington Post some TSA officers are already asking passengers to take food items out of their carry-on and place them in separate bins.

So far there’s not been a nationwide revision in the policy on taking food through security but some of the new, high-tech scanners search for organic compounds that can be found in explosives. That sometimes leads to false alarms when scanning food.

Just another slowdown at security checkpoints

If this does become a nationwide requirement, plan to allow a lot more time to get through airport security. Think about how many TSA bins you’ll have to fill. You already you have to you’re your laptop, batteries, and a whole assortment of liquids in those plastic bins.

Now add to those little Johnny’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Multiply that by all the other passengers bringing food from home and you can see how quickly the lines will move even slower. And of course there is the occasional traveler who is totally unprepared for any of these inspections.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with bringing snacks from home. That can sure beat the inflated prices of airport shops and restaurants. Just don’t be surprised if one day TSA will tell you they want to see the food you want to take on board.

There is another way

Experienced travelers already have a way to speed through security. They use special lanes reserved for passengers with TSA PreCheck and for those travelers who have enrolled in the CLEAR program.

Both TSA PreCheck and CLEAR offer you the ability to sail through airport screening faster than ever before. Both programs are available for a fee. Once enrolled, in most cases, you will no longer have to take off your shoes or virtually empty out everything in your carry on bag.